10 Traits of a Great Audition Song

Ever wonder what makes a great audition song?  What are the people behind the table looking for?  And how do I show them I can totally rock this role?

Well here are 10 traits of a great audition song to help you find the right song for your next audition.  If you select a piece with these key traits in mind, you'll be sure to impress the folks behind the table and show them that you are perfect for the role you are auditioning for.  Let's get started!

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8 Tips To Find Great Songs for Your Audition Book

If you've ever gone on an audition, I'm sure you've had that moment of flipping through your repertoire book and wondering, "What the heck am I going to sing?!"

You want a song that shows off your voice, shows your personality, fits the character you're auditioning for, fits the style of music of the show, and isn't totally overdone by other girls with your voice type.

Oh, and you'd like to have some sort of personal connection to the song so that you feel really good when you sing it.

This can seem like an impossible task, I know.

If you don't have something in your book, then you need to start looking for new songs. But, there are so many songs, where do you start?! Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you it's NOT impossible.

Keep reading for 8 ways to find songs you'll LOVE to sing while showing off your voice in your audition.

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