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I’m Korrie Paliotto, and I'm a voice coach and repertoire specialist.  

And I’m obsessed with songs.

I love researching singers and bands and learning their whole album history in an afternoon. I love figuring out what they’re doing with their voices that makes them sound like them and no one else.

I love listening to a pop song and figuring out which rock musical it fits. I make endless lists on my phone when I hear great songs come up on Pandora.

I’m also fascinated with Tin Pan Alley and the early songwriters of the 20th century. And I love tracing how those single songs got thrown together into revues and shoe-horned into flimsy, ridiculous plots and then evolved into character driven songs that fit inside a complete storyline.

I love all the different character journeys that have been written and sung. And I love all the unique voices that have sung those songs and made them come alive.

I love the soaring ballads and the angry tirades. I like the clever lists and the self discoveries. I love the company numbers and the reflective reprises. I love it all and I want to know them all!

If I had one superpower, it would be knowing all the songs that were ever written by anyone ever.

My Journey

As a music director and vocal coach, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects over the years.

I’ve taught children, lead volunteer choirs, music directed community theatre, written songs and performed as a solo artist, performed in cabaret acts, taught private voice and piano lessons, and of course, music directed professionally in Southern California and New York.

About 5 years ago, craving a little more stability in life, I entered the academic world and started teaching musical theatre in Los Angeles.

I had a blast working with an amazing faculty of professional actors, musicians, directors, and choreographers. And I loved working with students to develop their singing and performance skills. I even loved designing the curriculum and making all the power point presentations for the musical theatre history classes I taught (super nerdy!).

However, I didn’t love grading papers and giving exams. I didn’t love figuring out whether students were doing the reading or plagiarazing their papers. 

I wanted to teach.  Not only that, I wanted to work with the most motivated students - the ones who show up prepared, the ones who are hungry for the training that will make them stand out from the rest.  

And that's why I created this blog.  

I want to help singers like you, who are looking for the skills, tips, and techniques that will make them more confident (and more booked!) performers.

How I Work With Singers

I specialize in getting singers the right songs for their voices and singing them with the right style to land the gigs you want to land.

Whether that’s a professional show or a college audition, I’ll take you through the process from beginning to end.

  1. I’ll help you find the perfect song

    We’ll discuss the shows and roles you’re interested in, identify song choices that fit the music genre and character’s journey, and sing through the songs to see which sits best in your voice and connects with you as a performer.

  2. I’ll teach you to style the song

    You’ll learn the key style characteristics of each genre and how to apply that to your songs so that you sound like you’re living in that decade of theatre or pop music.

  3. Music Prep / Rehearsal Tracks

    You’ll learn how to prepare your sheet music so that the pianist plays your song the way you want it played everytime. We’ll also create rehearsal tracks for you to practice with so that you can learn your songs and the accompaniment super thoroughly and nail every performance.

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Korrie Paliotto is a music director and vocal coach in San Diego, CA. A specialist in musical theatre history and contemporary pop/rock performance styles, Korrie explores the intersection of rock music and musical theatre and has been a guest lecturer at Musical Theatre Educator’s Alliance (MTEA), Association of Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), Pomona College, and San Diego Repertory Theatre Surround Events.

Selected music direction credits include White Christmas (Gateway Playhouse, NY), Phantom (Gateway Playhouse), Beth Malone: So Far (Diversionary Theatre, SD; 45th Street Theatre, NY), Everybody’s Talkin’ (San Diego Repertory Theatre), Violet (San Diego Repertory Theatre), Cabaret (AMDA College and Conservatory, LA).

As a teaching artist, she is strongly committed to educating the next generation of performers and has directed shows and outreach programs at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, San Diego Opera, San Diego Junior Theatre, and Pacific Children’s Theatre.

M.F.A in Musical Theatre, San Diego State University; B.A. in Music, San Diego State University.