music & coaching services

Need help preparing for an audition, creating charts for an upcoming recording session, or styling your vocal performance to fit a certain genre?  Here's a list of services for the musical projects you may need help with.

VOCAL COACHING ($75/hr) - This service includes all aspects of coaching: repertoire selection, accompaniment recordings, cuts/arranging, musical interpretation, vocal stylization, lyric/character analysis and more.  Schedule sessions on a weekly basis or just once in a while, but keep in mind that you usually need more than one session to work through all the elements of a song.  Coaching sessions will give you confidence and polish all aspects of your performance.  

RUN THROUGH, CUTS, ARRANGEMENT  (30min = $40, 60min = $75) - Just need to run through your music with an accompanist?  Do you want to make sure your cuts work or get professional advice on cut options?  Looking to make a more unique arrangement that will reinvent and personalize the song?  Schedule this session to talk about the musical nitty gritty of your pieces.  We'll make sure you have a well-cut and personalized arrangement that will make you stand out in any audition or performance. 

REPERTOIRE SELECTION (5 song package = $125) - Receive personalized repertoire selections that will diversify your book, highlight your voice, and showcase your personality.  First, choose from the following genres or pick specific shows to find audition rep for. Genres: Jazz Standard/Tin Pan Alley (1920's-1940's), Golden Age Musical Theatre, Contemporary Musical Theatre, 50's/60's Rock n roll, Doowop/Motown, Classic Rock/Folk, 70's Disco/Funk, 1980's Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Contemporary R&B, and Bluegrass/Country. 

LEAD SHEETS ($150 per song) - Have you written a song but need help putting it down on paper for rehearsals or a recording session.  Send me an mp3 of you playing the song and singing, and I'll create a customized lead sheet with the melody, lyrics, and chord changes, ready for any musician to play.  Want it in several keys so you can find the best one for your voice?  Easy.  Ask for up to 3 different keys for each song, free of charge.

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